Decca Plus Satin Tame

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Decca Plus Satin Tame

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This exclusive formula is designed to correct the pH balance of the hair. Satin Tame protects the hair from heat damage caused by the use of various styling appliances such as : blow dryers & flat irons

Use as a moisturizer/revitalizer for natural, relaxed, curly or permed hair and braids! Helps reduce split ends by adding moisture and elasticity to the hair. To help minimize chlorine damage use the Satin Tame before & after swimming!

● Great detangler for combing children's hair.

● Does not flake or build up.

● Use to wrap hair for styling, not oily or heavy!

● Reduce breakage by always lightly misting the hair

● daily before combing or brushing.

My salon secret for getting out the worst of tangles! This product is so amazing that you'll want to carry it around with you everywhere you go.