Those to who do hair together stay together! That's right, there's no better way to bond then while discussing hair. Love Your Hair Parties are a  great way for me your hair coach and cosmetologist to share great hair tips and product recommendations.

Are you a parent of a child who has highly textured hair?  Perhaps you're transitioning  to loving your curls but need some more guidance on how to start. Maybe you're a woman who's always wanted to know how to get that "just left the salon" blow out at home?  Melanie Day will personalize a hair party just for you and your guests needs. 

The Perks: As a hostess you'll receive a salon gift certificate from You've Got Curls. If party sales reach $150 or more the hostess receives 30% off prescriptive hair care package items. 

What I Provide: 

  • Love Your Hair Party email and text invites sent to your friends and family.

  • Mirror

  • Towels

  • Tools

What You Provide: You provide the friends, family, location, light refreshments and an area to display products! That's it, super simple.

How Long Do We Party? The party is usually 2 or 2.5 hours long. It also depends on the size of your party, when guest arrive, and the amount of questions. We will start and end on time so that everyone is able to enjoy their experience.

Cancellation and Reservation Policy:  A $50 non-refundable deposit is requested to hold your selected date. Once party has been completed you will have the option of using deposit to purchase products.  A one week notice is REQUIRED prior to scheduled party date. Thank you.


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