There are moments when I'm extremely reflective and I do believe this to be  one of those days. Perhaps it's because I'll soon be turning 32 at the end of this month.

During my early teens up until my my mid twenties,  wearing natural hair was not the norm by any means. In fact while in middle school my hair was often braided and of course there were the kids who would tease and poke fun at me because of how my hair was. In fact one of those names they gave me was Medusa.  At the time, I didn't realize that I was being bullied, I just knew how it made me feel. It made me feel that once again I needed to conform to what everyone else was doing in order to fit in. 

Fast forward to 2002 when I started cosmetology school and of course still rocking my natural hair (for the moment at least, In another blog I'll share what happened.) .  Once again, this was NOT THE NORM but what would this 17 year girl do? For those of you that me know,  already know that first I questioned and of course went in the complete opposite direction.. I knew right then and there I wanted to my focus to be on textured hair. During those years I had to learn how to work with what was mine No weave, braids, no nothing, just au naturel. For those ladies out there who love weaves know how addictive they can become. You become this other person, and this inner diva comes out and you instantly feel glamorous. I decided, that I would  go without the added hair for awhile and learn how to manage my own hair underneath. Let's just say it was rough and there were times that I didn't even like what I saw looking back me in the mirror. I didn't feel pretty at all! Thankfully, I had  amazing parents who helped me to really understand  the value of inner beauty. In a world that's so caught up on the what's on the outside of the package, I needed to learn how develop the 'secret person of the heart'.  That trait is indestructible and last forever.  

Now at the age of 31 going on 32, I've finally welcomed this journey into my life and fully embrace it. I LOVE myself. I LOVE my hair. I LOVE this journey.